Chinese developer loses fight to keep fantasy title on iOS

Torchlight clone pulled from App Store

Apple has pulled Torchlight clone Armed Heroes Online after complaints from developer Runic that it stole game assets.

The studio’s founder Travis Baldree recently warned customers of the game that Chinese developer EGLS had directly ripped off character assets, voicing and sound effects from Torchlight, and that it would likely not be available for much longer.

“All of the monster assets and every dungeon tileset, as well as voices, and most sound effects, are direct rips from Torchlight,” said Baldree.

“We’re having to contact Apple about it, so, just a heads up – this may not be available for long.”

Apple now appears to agree with Baldree’s accusations, with the title no longer appearing on the Canada App Store.

EGLS developer Serena Zhang had defended the Chinese developer’s position, and expressed her shock that Baldree believed they had stolen content from Torchlight.

“We guarantee that all of our models are made by us, and each mapping is drawn with our own hands,” said Zhang.

“As mentioned at the very beginning, our team got inspirations from other brilliant games and movies, but had never straightly stole assets from Torchlight. What Mr. Travis Baldree said rudely depreciated the efforts our team had devoted into the game.”

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