id Softwareâ??s latest technological feat impresses onlookers

VIDEO: Megatextures amaze in iPhone Rage

id Software co-founder John Carmack wowed attendees at Quakecon last night by unveiling an iPhone version of upcoming FPS Rage.

The audience cheered upon sight of the game, which was said to be running at 60 frames per second.

The video can be found below.

Carmack said he envisioned how the game was possible over a year ago, when the id Software considering building a game on the Wii. He also insisted the game was possible to run on a first-generation iPhone – though the demo used iPhone 4.

The demo showed how the low-poly interior applied with Carmack’s latest personal feat – the megatexture.

Megatexture technology is the process of designing a gigantic, multi-gigabyte, highly-detailed texture and spreading it across the entirety of a game’s geometry.

The most popular aspect of megatexturing, however, is that relatively low video memory and is neded to display it.

Combined with radiosity illumination algorithms, the Rage demo managed to frequently entice screams and cheers from the excited audience looking on.

Two versions of Rage on iPhone will be released. The first, due this year, will be more of a tech demo. The second, due for release next year alongside the PC and console versions of Rage, will be a fully-featured edition.

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