Wi-fi issues darken iPad launch

300k sales on day one have ensured that Apple is very happy with the US launch of the iPad, but ongoing reports of wi-fi connectivity issues have dampened what has otherwise been a tremendous success for the tech company.

The large number of complaints about sporadic or inexplicably weak wi-fi reception on some iPads has forced Apple to offer technical help to users on its forums. Suggestions include resetting your router or changing its password or broadcast channel.

"Under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known wi-fi network after restart or waking from sleep," Apple stated.

"This can occur with some third-party wi-fi routers that are dual-band capable when using the same network name for each network or using different security settings for each network."

There have also been many reports of the iPad failing to automatically join wi-fi networks that have already been registered by the user.

As for the cause, speculation has pointed to both the positioning of the wi-fi antenna within the iPad or a possible software glitch – the latter of which could of course be easily addressed by Apple in its next iPad update.

It’s rare for new hardware launches to pass without some sort of online outcry and there’s nothing to suggest that Apple is facing anything amounting to an iPad crisis.

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