Mobile studio boss leaves after three and a half years

Zynga UK GM Matthew Wiggins quits

The general manager of Zynga UK has quit the social gaming giant after three and a half years at the company.

Revealing the news on his blog, Matthew Wiggins said his time at the mobile developer had been “quite a ride” and said he wished all the best to the people he was leaving behind.

Wiggins previously headed up GodFigner developer Wonderland Software, which was bought out by Zynga in April last year, subsequently being rebranded as Znyga UK.

Wiggins’ departure follows a number of high profile exits from Zynga, mainly in the US, with the likes of John Schappert, Jeff Karp and Mike Gupta quitting the studio this year.

“Just as when we started Wonderland back in June 2009, I’m still tremendously excited by the revolution in computing that is happening right now,” said Wiggins.

“The opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurism are even better now than they were then. And having learned so much from the journey I’ve just been on, I can’t wait to use that knowledge to do new things in the future – and of course learn a whole load more.”

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