Moderator removes World of Warcraft subreddit in protest at login issues

One of the most active World of Warcraft communities on the internet was this weekend temporarily suspended as an act of protest.

The top moderator of Reddit’s World of Warcraft subreddit on Saturday suspended the page entirely as a result of his prolonged struggle to long into the game since expansion Warlords of Draenor released last week.

It will be back the moment I am able to log into WoW,” the mod wrote on Twitter, as reported by Polygon. That is the fact of the matter and everyone’s opinion on me is irrelevant.”

All of which drew criticism both from users and fellow mods. "I’ve always appreciated what you’ve done but r/WoW shouldn’t be a hostage," senior community representative Jonathan Brown responded. It should always be there for the community."

The page would normally log anything in the region of one million hits a day.

In the hours that followed the mod was able to log into the game and, as promised, reinstated the page. However, users have now amassed in protest against such power residing in the hands of such an individual and are demanding he be replaced.

Blizzard last week said that a DDoS attack was partly repsonsbile for the game’s login issues.

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