MOH critics dont understand games

One of the developers working on this week’s new release Medal of Honor has claimed that most of the criticism aimed at EA’s title comes from those who aren’t familiar with the nature of video games.

The objection was, kind of from an older generation that doesn’t understand games, that the sound byte was ‘Play as the Taliban and kill US soldiers’,” Craig Owens, marketing director at developer Danger Close, told Joystiq.

Really the big thing was playing as a Taliban killing US troops. So we basically just changed it to ‘Opfor’ – which is a term [the US Armed Forces] use, some of our competitors use – more out of respect.”

Close added that during the beta earlier this year about 500,000 people were playing it, as the Taliban, killing US troops” without any complaints.

EA announced at the beginning of the month that following weeks of controversy it has removed all mention of the Taliban from the game, referring to them instead simply as ‘Opposing Force’.

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