Mojang releases free game Crown and Council on Steam

Microsoft owned Minecraft creator Mojang has, without any pre-amble or teases, released a free title on Steam.

Crown and Council is described as a casual strategy game of geopolitical drama”. It originates from a game jam and was developed by Mojang’s Henrik Pettersson. It ships with 75 levels, and is able to generate new ones, too.

It’s simple to play, but not quite so easy to win: do you spend all your cash on universities, hoping to survive long enough that your book-learnin’ makes you unstoppable in the late game? Or do yo go for a quick land-grab, hoping to put enough boots on the ground to give you an irreversible early advantage?” Mojang said.

Other features include fabulously mustachioed pixel-art tyrants, procedural land generation and procedural insults from your regal rivals. Have that, No Man’s Sky.”

It’s a bit like Risk, really, with players accruing gold depending on how much land they occupy. The reviews on Steam so far have been mixed.

Here’s a trailer:

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