Molyneux’s 22 Cans’ debut game could be here by July

The debut title from Peter Molyneux’s new studio 22 Cans could be released in as little as six weeks.

Molyneux’s departure from both his own studio Lionhead and its owner Microsoft was only announced in March, but the iconic UK developer has told Beefjack that work is progressing quickly.

He also named its debut project – 22 Experiments.

We’ve got 12 people [in the studio] now, and I’m trying to push this to 20 people as soon as possible,” he stated.

And then we’re directing all of our staff at the moment towards these things called 22 Experiments, which are 22 experiments that we will release digitally on the journey onto the final product that we’re going to make.”

Molyneux has yet to confirm the platform or platforms for his first game, though the remarkably quick turnaround points to either iOS or PC.

As you’d expect, Peter does describe his current project as very very different, unusual– I think very intriguing things”.

Our whole passion [at 22 Cans] is to use some of the technology which is around in the world today in a single product and a single experience, in a way that no one else has used it,” he added.

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