Molyneux’s Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube arrives on iOS

After what seems like a prolonged wait, Peter Molyneux’s 22Cans has released its debut title Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube.

The title sees players working together to chip away at a giant Borg-like cube layer by layer, with the promise of reaching something rather special in the middle.

Deep in the centre of the cube is something life-changingly amazing, but only the first person to reach the centre will discover what’s inside,” the official description reads.

Twitter user @Wario64 said of this secret: When the final cube is cracked, a video link explaining what’s in the center of the cube is sent to the final person. The video link cannot be used for monetary gain, but it’s up the person whether they want to share the video link.”

At the time of writing the total number of cubes destroyed stands at 20,439,633 with 80,174,519 cubes remaining in the current layer. Total users have reached 5,349.

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