Monument Valley creator Ustwo laments 1-star reviews after charging for expansion

Smartphone hit Monument Valley has been hit with a number of one-star user reviews following the release of a 1.49 expansion pack.

The fee for the content is payable on top of the game’s standard 2.49 asking price, and it appears that some users resent having to pay additional money for additional content.

Which, frankly, seems insane. 2.49 for one the best games of the year is a steal. 1.49 on top of that to effectively double its content brings the total cost to just 3.98. That seems like a fair price to us, especially at a time when so many are quick to lament the creeping influence of free-to-play.

Seems quite a few people have gone back and 1 star reviewed Monument Valley upon update because the expansion was paid. This makes us sad, the developer said.

That’s it, we’re giving up the premium game. Next time we’re just going to sell you 500 coins for $2 instead.”

After paying 3 for the original game I’m not happy to have to pay more for more levels,” one user said of the optional content, as reported by Develop. Another added: I am so disappointed with this update and I expected the new chapters to be free, considering that I spent 2.49 buying this app in the first place. I won’t be spending any more of my money on this game.”

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