Moore offers parting shot on PS3

Newly departed Xbox boss Peter Moore has told MCV that he believes Sony’s recent product tweaking in the US will be ineffective, and what’s really needed is a dramatic, decisive drop to $399.

Just days ahead of his dramatic move to head up EA Sports, Moore also went on to state that he respects Nintendo’s strategy and achievements above Sony’s in the next gen race to date, simply because they deserve it”.

At his E3 press conference he said that since a three-horse race has developed, Xbox 360 has been in a good, even contest with Wii, with the PS3 being outsold by two to one.

Pushed on his rivals’ merits or otherwise, he commented to MCV: The numbers bear it out. Nintendo deserves more respect. Maybe they’re still a bit weak on third parties – their record has never been great in that area – but they’re doing something about that and looking to address it.

At his conference Reggie (Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America boss) said he was aware that some rivals had indicated that DS and Wii would turn out to be fads. Well I, for one, certainly don’t think that. Maybe he was referring to something that Sony has said. I’ve been a fan from day one.”

There wasn’t such ebullient praise for PlayStation 3. They need to find a way to get to $399 and then see what happens. I’m not sure the 80GB model is going to have a profound effect. I’m also not sure what they’re going to do with all that extra space. I was expecting an announcement of a full video download service, but it just isn’t there.”

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