Moore: Sony is failing in Japan

In an interview with


, Xbox 360 boss Peter Moore has stated that whilst his company’s machine has itself not taken off in Japan, it has certainly not fallen short of expectations to the extent that Sony’s PS3 has done.

Sony’s getting outsold by what, 6-to-1?” he stated. You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling.

I built a business plan for Japan but I don’t think my expectations in Japan were anything close to what Sony’s expectations are. They are failing. They’re missing their plan by much more than I’m missing my plan."

Moore is also confident that Microsoft’s current machine will outstrip the achievements of its first Xbox outing:

I think the plan we have built, that calls for cost reductions in hardware, clearly gives us an advantage in price that actually allows us to get to lower price points much sooner than Sony will.

They can have a ‘ten-year plan’ all they like, but it’s executing that plan and getting to the mass market with price points that counts, and I feel a lot closer to being able to do that than they do right now.”

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