Moore: Sports to drive 3D gaming

With 2010 looking to be a big year in the quest to drive 3D TV sets into consumer’s houses, EA Sports boss Peter Moore has predicted that the sports sector will be the key driving force behind the uptake of the technology in the game sector.

As James Cameron did with Avatar at the movies, you’ve got to build games from the ground up with 3D in mind,” the exec told CVG.

None of the games I’ve seen so far have been built that way – they’ve been regular games running in 3D. The real secret sauce will be when somebody says ‘I’m going to build this game specifically for a 3D platform’.”

When pressed on whether EA will be pursuing such a strategy, Moore replied:

I think there’s great opportunity for EA to bring sports to life in unbelievably imaginative ways, once we can grasp what 3D means to us.

This is reminiscent of where we were with HD five or six years ago. It seems like a lifetime ago now, but you’d go to CES and be in awe of HD – and it was sports games that showed up the technology.”

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