More talk of sci-fi Call of Duty outing

No smoke without fire, or groundless internet chin-wagging? There’s no way to know for sure, but talk has

once again

erupted concerning Infinity Ward and an upcoming sci-fi FPS.

CVG reports that this month’s edition of the mag claims: "The net is awash with rumour mongering that Infinity Ward are beavering away on a brand new sci-fi shooter. However, we can confirm that it is definitely happening."

The news supposedly comes from a rep at a recent Activision Call of Duty event, though when probed the source reportedly also added: "Will it be Call of Duty 6? No idea.”

At the very least, a recent post on Infinity Ward’s blog did confirm the developer is working on a ‘new project’: "We’re excited to be working on our next project, but it’s going to be quite a while before I can share any details on exactly what that project is."

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