More than 100 games coming to Oculus Rift this year, says Luckey

Over 100 titles will be coming to the Oculus Rift headset this year.

That’s according to Oculus boss Palmer Luckey, who said in a Reddit AMA yesterday that ‘at least 100′ games are to be released for the headset this year.

Luckey told Reddit users that over 20 of these would be coming from Oculus Studios, with the rest coming from third party developers.

The headset itself is bundled with CCP’s space combat title EVE: Valykrie as well as platformer Lucky’s Tale. It also come with an Xbox One controller.

Oculus Rift was made available for pre-order yesterday, with the first shipments going out in March. The tech will set UK consumers back 499, and has a US dollar price of $599.

During the AMA, Luckey also apologised for the messaging surrounding the headset’s price tag, as well as revealing that the company would be making no money from the Rift.

Furthermore, he took to Twitter and defended its cost, saying it was in fact obscenely cheap”.

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