Mortal Kombat X producer quits Twitter after family threats

Another member of the video games industry has decided to abandon Twitter after growing tired of the abuse being directed toward him and his family.

So to be clear. The reason I don’t want to do this twitter anymore is not fans asking for characters or hints or whatever. I get that,” Mortal Kombat X producer Shaun Himmerick wrote. That is passion and love for the Mortal Kombat and I also have that. So I get it. No problem. I’m glad people care about their favourites

I used to be thick skinned enough for the random personal attacks. I’m a big boy I can handle it. I’ve been in my share of fights. However I cannot deal with the threats of violence to my wife and now young daughter. Threats of sexual violence are even more disturbing

You wanna fight me for any reason. I’m probably willing to go, verbally or physically. I can hold my own. But threats on my ladies? No.”

Twitter has repeatedly vowed to improve its mechanics for reporting abusive accounts. Indeed, a new system was implemented earlier this month, with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitting in February that the platforms sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls”, a fact he said he was ashamed” of.

However, there aren’t yet many indications that the situation has notably improved. In December EA COO Peter Moore was told by the service that a user who told him that he hoped his children would die was not violating Twitter rules”.

WARNING: Some of the tweets below are pretty graphic:

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