Most read stories of 2013: 1-10

Bully 2 rumours and the creation of the FIFA series: the top ten stories of 2013.

10.The extent of Kinect 2’s visual DRM is beginning to emerge

Along with the controversial DRM on its home console, Microsoft also filed for similar restrictions on its Kinect hardware which limited the number of users able to play. Ultimately the publisher ditched this idea, along with the rest of its DRM.

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9. PS4 overtakes Xbox One in Amazon pre-order charts

After a brief spell in second place, Sony’s console took the top spot in the online retailer’s pre-order chart.

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8.Steam to be taken to court over pre-owned later this year

Valve’s game store faced legal problems earlier this year after not allowing the re-sale of digital titles.

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7. Bully 2 has not been forgotten, Rockstar assures fans

Rockstar assured fans that a sequel to its cult game has not been forgotten. Those same fans will be happy to know that a trademark was filed for Bully 2, making that second game closer to becoming a reality.

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6.OPINION: Xbox One, not PS4, is the hot topic at E3. And for all the wrong reasons

To say Microsoft had a hard time promoting the Xbox One is an understatement, but in this article Chris Dring defends Microsoft’s new hardware.

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5. Sony: "We had one good day, but it’s not over yet"

Following the publisher’s fantastic E3 presentation, it promised not to rest on its laurels.

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4.Sony’s PS4 announcement – what and what not to expect

Prior to the unveiling of Sony’s new hardware, MCV was on hand to manage gamer expectations.

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3.Xbox One breaks pre-order records at Blockbuster

When it was first announced, the Xbox One broke all pre-order records at Blockbuster. Sadly, due to financial problems the retailer couldn’t honour pre-orders on either console, and ultimately went into admistration.

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2.Rejection, tragedy and billions of dollars – The story of FIFA

Earlier this year, MCV spoke to those behind the FIFA series to find out the series’ story – from EA’s apathy towards the title to its blockbuster success.

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1.Publishers to receive cut of Xbox One pre-owned sales at retail

Microsoft originally had plans to ‘own the pre-owned market’ by taking a cut of sales of second hand games along with publishers and retailers. Ultimately, the publisher scrapped this idea.

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