Most read stories of the year: 21-30

DMC: Devil May Cry’s poor sales and Cliffy B on EA and Valve: the 21st to 30th most read stories of 2013.

30.First free Xbox 360 game for Gold members is Defense Grid: The Awakening

Microsoft’s Games with Gold scheme kicked off in July, offering Xbox Live Gold members free titles – similar to PlayStations PS Plus program.

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29.Capcom almost halves DmC sales expectations

The publisher drastically reduced its expectations of the hack and slash reboot following poor sales.

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28.Cliffy B: "It’s bullshit that EA has ‘scumbag’ memes and that Good Guy Valve can Do No Wrong"

The former Gears of Wars developer defended EA and the free-to-play movement.

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27.FIFA 14 to come free with Xbox One? Gamescom announcement expected

Prior to Gamecon, rumours of an Xbox One/FIFA 14 bundle were abound. Ultimately this came true, and saw FIFA 14 on its way to being the bestselling entry in the series to date.

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26.Xbox One re-overtakes PS4 on Amazon bestseller charts

The next-gen duo spent most of the year battling it out in pre-order charts. This time around, Xbox One was in the lead.

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25.AMD to reveal Radeon HD 9000 flagship GPU next month, slashes 7990 prices

Computer parts company AMD announced it would be unveiling its new generation of graphics card at the end of September.

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24.DFC: "The entire future of the Xbox business is in question"

Intelligence and research firm DFC produced a scathing verdict as to the future of Microsoft’s new console, calling it ‘flawed’.

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23. Ubisoft: "We want to improve our relationship with PC gamers"

After years of being criticised for its controversial anti-piracy measures, Ubisoft said it wanted to get on better with PC gamers. The publisher asked for freedback on a number of titles such as Far Cry 3 and saw a vast improvement from PC gamers.

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22.Skyrim DLC PS3-bound next month

After being delayed for a long period of time after the release of Skyrim’s Xbox 360 DLC, PS3 users finally would get their hands on the extra content.

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21.GAME: ‘Worried Gamers WILL get their PS4 before Christmas’

Amid the worries of stock shortages, GAME assured consumers that they will recieve Sony’s new hardware before Christmas.

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