Move off to a good start

Sony has not released any sales data for the recently launched PlayStation Move, but one analyst reckons that everything’s got off to a good start on the far side of the pond.

A new survey from US analyst Lazard Capital Markets has suggested that consumer hunger for both Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect in the region is high.

We believe that Sony’s Move is off to a good start at retail, with limited supplies, and our survey also bodes well for the launch of Kinect,” Lazard’s Colin Sebastian stated.

Describing demand for both controllers as healthy”, Sebastian adds: We are somewhat surprised by the positive reaction given the relatively high price points ($149 for Kinect and $99+ for Move) and the lack of many compatible games for the devices.

While motion controllers are unlikely to materially impact console game sales in Q4, we do think they could act as a catalyst for stocks, as indicators of future demand for software.”

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