Move over Elder Scrolls: Tera Online is now the biggest MMO of all time on Steam

In news that might surprise many, the biggest MMO on PC platform Steam isn’t Final Fantasy XIV, EVE Online or The Elder Scrolls Online.

Instead, it’s relative newcomer Tera Online, a Korean free-to-play effort which only launched on the Steam store earlier this month, on May 5th.

Tera’s developer En Masse Entertainment was quick to point out that, according to statistics from, the game now boasts the highest number of concurrent players ever recorded (via GameSpot).

The magic number is 18,454, more than double FFXIV: A Realm Reborn’s 7,401, triple The Elder Scrolls Online’s 5,067 and five times EVE Online’s 3,690 – or bigger than all three combined, if you’d rather.

Of course, this is only counting Steam users, with those games likely to boast considerable audiences who connect via dedicated clients outside of Valve’s service.

Overall, Tera now has more than 20 million accounts worldwide.

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