Move sales pegged at 400k in US

With firm sales figures still unavailable, US analyst Michael Pachter has said that he believes Sony’s PlayStation Move controller has sold 400k units in the US since its launch in the territory in mid-September.

The comparisons with Kinect are inevitable, of course. Kinect sold in excess of 1m units in its first ten days on the market. A regional breakdown isn’t available, though at the least expect around half of these sales to have stemmed from America.

The only concrete numbers released for Move are the numbers Sony has shipped – 1.5m in Europe and 1m in North America.

Nonetheless, Pachter still believes the joint effect of Move and Kinect will do good things for the US games market.

Even though we believe Move sold well below expectations in its first month, we expect it, along with the Kinect, to drive hardware sales at holiday, and expect solid marketing of both devices beginning next week,” he stated.

We expect Sony’s US sales to be around 1.2m Move units by the end the January quarter, evenly split between standalone Move units at $100 and Move console bundles at $400. We anticipateinternational sales of 1.8m units, also evenly split at the same price points.”

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