MS bans Halo Reach pirates

Microsoft’s aggressive investigation” of the pre-release leak of Halo Reach on a number of internet file-sharing sites has resulted in a string of bans for those found guilty of playing the game early.

Maxconsole reports that the platform holder has not just blocked Xbox Live access on offending users’ hardware (a routine punishment for those who have modified their console) but also a permanent suspension of Xbox Live accounts.

This is to notify you that your Xbox Live account privileges have been permanently suspended due to illegitimate pre-release title play,” an email sent to guilty parties reads.

Your conduct was brought to the attention of the Live Enforcement Team through the course of our operation of the service. The Live Enforcement Team has reviewed the evidence regarding this conduct and determined it violates the Xbox Live Terms of Use and/or Code of Conduct. Because your conduct is in violation, the Xbox Live Enforcement Team has issued a permanent suspension.

During your suspension, you will not be able to log into Xbox Live. Your Xbox Live privileges will not be reinstated. Customer Support is not able to modify or provide any further details about your suspension.”

CVG has gone on to speculate that Microsoft might even bring forward the global launch of the game as a result of the leaks, presumably due to the fear of both lost sales and potential plot spoilers.

Several video sequences from the game have already been uploaded to the internet.

Halo Reach will be released on September 14th.

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