MS cautious over Natal software

We’re still none-the-wiser as to what games will accompany the launch of Natal later this year, but Microsoft has said that it won’t be throwing its stable of high-profile IP at it without careful consideration.

We want the first impression to be a great one, so we are not going to dump products on it just because we can,” Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg told Destructoid.

We are going to be very careful in the way we think about our portfolio .We are going to be very thoughtful about what we bring to market.”

Microsoft has previously asserted that Natal won’t simply be a causal games device – it wants to tech to resonate with the core Xbox 360 audience too.

So it’s fair to expect that at least some of the company’s established brands will get some sort of motion-control treatment. But it remains a guessing game for now.

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