MS prices Kinect at $150

Though Microsoft says it will not be unveiling an RRP for Kinect until closer to its launch later this year, the platform holder’s online store is now taking pre-orders in the US for $149.99.

The listing, which was spotted by VG247, also states that the SKU will include a power cable, manual and wi-fi extension cable.

Owners of the Xbox 360 S will be able to plug it into the special Kinect port, negating the need to plug it into the mains. Standard Xbox 360 owners will have to plug it into one of the console’s USB ports and into the mains.

A $149.99 RRP has been banded about for months now.

Interestingly, it’s the same amount that the device costs to manufacture, according to recent reports. Just yesterday analyst Michael Pachter said that Microsoft would have to sell Kinect at cost if it wished to generate the sort of sales it will undoubtedly be targeting with it.

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