MS says no to Xbox web browser

Though to some the omissions of a built-in web browser on Xbox 360 continues to baffle, Microsoft has once again definitively stated that it will not be introducing the feature in any future updates for the console.

Instead, it intends to focus on optimising key web experiences through the possible introduction of targeted web widgets such as its current Facebook and Twitter apps.

We really believe that the web browsing experience on TV is a poor one,” Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg told Edge, as reported by CVG.

The real magic is to take those web experiences and optimise them for the living room. That’s what we did with Netflix. So, sure, you can go on the PS3 and go to Facebook and try to navigate, but it’s an absolute nightmare.

No disrespect, there’s things I love about the PS3, but that’s not one of them. We want the online experience to be fun and optimised for the living room, and we’ll continue to add more applications to get more richness.”

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