MTG has reportedly acquired ESL

Reports online suggest that Swedish media organisation Modern Times Group (MTG) has acquired Germany’s Turtle Entertainment, owner of the Electronic Sports League (ESL).

The Daily Dot reports that the claims stem from IT news channel The value of the deal is not known and while ESL has so far not commented on the claims it is suggested that staff have reacted positively to a move that is hoped will increase their job stability.

If the deal is real then it will represent the formation of one of Europe’s largest eSports powerhouses.

ESL is one of the biggest powers in the world for Sports and already hosts huge events for titles such as Counter Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Its recent ESL One event broke Twitch records, and the company has even branched out into streaming eSports events in cinemas.

MTG has an eSports presence of its own, running the successful Viagame Hearthstone House Cup and other tournaments.

It also operates a large number of TV and channels and radio stations across the Nordic and Baltic regions, as well as Eastern Europe. Last year MTG acquired French broadcaster Trace Partners.

UPDATE: An ESL spokesperson has issued MCV with the following statement: "We’re aware of the rumors and considering we’re a very successful company, it’s not unusual there is a lot of interest around us. We however never comment on speculations."

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