Multiplayer key to BFBC2s long tail

Post-release digital support titles is very much the trend nowadays and is proving a popular means of monetising new games, but EA sees its ongoing support for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as serving another purpose – toppling Modern Warfare 2.

The game is such a quality package with a best-in-class multiplayer element, we believe fans will be playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a long time to come,” UK marketing manager for the EA Games label Craig Auld told MCV.

DICE has raised the bar for multiplayer which is so vital in this category and it will become a foundation for us to build on as we win back share of the FPS market in the UK.”

The claims come on the same day that Activision announced a 1200 MSP (10) price point for Modern Warfare 2’s first DLC at the end of the month.

Auld went on to rightly praise Infinity Ward’s title, though added that few studios enjoy the same prestigious FPS pedigree as Swedish developer DICE.

There’s no doubt that Infinity Ward had raised the bar in terms of quality and accessibility for an FPS multiplayer, taking it to a wider mainstream audience,” Auld explained.

Consequently, Modern Warfare became a cultural phenomenon that opened the doors on the genre and left people hungry for more. However, DICE have a long and esteemed history in FPS, and they‘ve built Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the success and learnings from their highly acclaimed Battlefield series.

We think players will come back again and again due the quality and intensity of the Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer experience. It’s truly outstanding.”

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