My.Games to launch My.Games Store by the end of the year

My.Games – the new name of rebranded Russian company – has announced an all-new global gaming platform, My.Games Store. Set to launch at the end of 2019, the My.Games Store will enable developers and publishers to distribute “free-to-play and premium games” whilst gamers themselves will benefit from “a wide range of PC titles and unique gaming services”.

The company says the store comes on the back of the Russian-language platform Games.Mail.Ru, which boasts 13 million monthly active users and will offer Warface and Conqueror’s Blade on launch, as well as a “whole library” of first- and third-party games. It adds the platform “will also feature integration with two unique gaming services”; Lootdog, which allows gamers to trade in-game items for real money, and Donation Alerts a tool that enables players to monetise their content.

Interestingly, unlike Epic Games Store which has repeatedly reported it takes just 11 per cent of profits from developers and publishers, My.Games will take a more traditional 30 per cent in line with other digital stores, including Steam, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

“I’m pleased to announce the launch of My.Games Store, our global gaming platform,” said My.Games CEO Vasiliy Maguryan. “Although our background is delivering F2P and premium titles to an Eastern European audience, the My.Games Store is the next step in bringing our expertise to a global market. We believe we can offer a wealth of support and knowledge to studios and publishers looking to reach both a Russian and a global audience.”

“Our platform has been tailor-made for the Russian-speaking audience. Over the years, we’ve created unique technology, monetization systems, and the expertise needed to succeed in this market. We are now ready for the next step – taking the platform international,” added Rodion Kotelnikov, head of My.Games Store. “For our international partners, this will open the door to our platform’s multi-million audience, while the players will gain access to a broader range of games.”

My.Games recently has launched My.Studio, a new investment initiative to “find and fund a new AAA partner developer”. Running from now until September 30th, 2019, the project not only hopes to fund the development of a triple-A shooter, but will also “work closely with the winner on development, customer support, legal and studio operations”.

My.Games is a new international gaming brand that will develop, publish and fund new games, including upcoming titles Lost Ark, Conqueror’s Blade and a mobile release of Warface. All of the company’s existing gaming projects published under the Group brand in Russia – or internationally – will “now be united under My.Games”.

The company says the change comes after “rapid international growth” and a Q1 2019 revenue of more than $100 million. In 2018, 63 per cent of the firm’s gaming revenue came from international markets, making it “one of the top 50 global gaming companies in the world by revenue” with more than 540 million players – 90 per cent of which are based outside Russia.

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