Mystery surrounds new BioWare game

Developer BioWare set the internet alight yesterday with the release of a steady stream of teasers ahead of the announcement of a brand new title at next month’s Spike TV Video Game Awards.

Some quite remarkable sleuthing from PC site Rock Paper Shotgun threw up two possibilities. Decoding a barcode released by BioWare came up with the number 55.845 – the atomic mass of iron. ‘Mass Effect’ then. However, iron is a key component of steel. ‘Shattered Steel’ is the title of a 1996 BioWare game.

A second barcode produced the number -128.5. Convert that number into Fahrenheit and you get the lowest recorded temperature on Earth, which occurred at Vostok in Antartica. Vostok 1 was a planet featured in mass Effect.

The one image that has so far been released (seen in full below) also appears to picture a rifle featured in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 3, the internet screamed, but Kotaku claims to have word that the game is a multiplayer spin-off from the Mass Effect series that is geared toward the Call of Duty style market, complete with character customisation and upgrade options familiar to fans of Activision’s series.

All will be revealed at the Spike Awards on December 11th which, incidentally, is the same time we’re expecting word on a new Gears of War title designed for Kinect.

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