Namco Bandai doesn’t want to discuss Ace Combat Infinity fees

Negativity towards the free-to-play model has led Namco Bandai to opt against discussing the payment structure it will use in free-to-play title Ace Combat Infinity.

Kotaku last week claimed that the game would use ‘fuel’ as currency, asking players to either pay out for more to power their craft or stop playing for a period, allowing it to automatically refill.

Now the game’s project lead Kazutoki Kono has told VideoGamer that Namco Bandai would prefer not to discuss the game’s free-to-play model for the time being because of the reaction it might invoke.

Instead, he would prefer that gamers try the title themselves before they elaborate on the payment mechanics.

"We actually tried to explain the monetisation and how it works at first, but it made people confused and some people just said negative things because they didn’t understand the whole of the game," he stated.

"That’s why we actually stopped saying the details of it and are right now asking the players and media to try out the beta and see how it actually works as a game. Then we finally can get deeper into the details of the monetisation explanations."

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