Namco confirms Western release for We Ski

Namco recently became the first third-party publisher to announce a game designed for use with the Wii Fit Balance Board, and now it has confirmed a US release date for We Ski,



Japanese gamers are currently the only ones lucky enough to be able to get to grips with Nintendo’s Wii Fit, though the European price and release date have been confirmed. The US release is currently scheduled for May 19th.

We Ski will support up to four players and boast over 12 different ski runs. Players can play as their Mii’s or create new in-game characters.

"We are thrilled to be the first publisher to offer a realistic and enjoyable skiing experience that can also support the new Wii Balance Board," Namco America’s director of marketing and PR Todd Thorson stated.

"Namco Bandai is working to entertain both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts with a recreation of a beloved sport and pastime."

We Ski will be released in the US this spring.

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