Natal and Wand to reach beyond Wii

In an exclusive interview with MCV, EA Europe’s senior VP Jens Uwe Intat has claimed that the upcoming Xbox 360 Natal and PS3 Motion Controller will reach audiences left untouched by the Nintendo Wii.

"The new controllers from Sony and Microsoft will allow two things," he told MCV. "They will allow new game experiences for existing players.

"But they will also allow what Nintendo has achieved to some extent, and that is to get new people into gaming – people for whom a traditional controller is not the most natural way to play, for people who are much more comfortable using something more intuitive. I think they will expand the audience even further than Wii and the Wii Remote Controller.

"Our studios are working with the first parties to create some interesting games for those controllers. We can expand the audience for an existing game, but it’s also a good time to come up with brand new ideas and way to play.

"We’re working on the specifics of our plans, but we will have games available that work with both controllers at launch."

To read the full interview, check the Features Section later this week.

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