Natal lineup to be shown at E3

We’re still waiting to discover what games will accompany the launch of Microsoft’s motion sensing Natal camera this Q4 – but the plat form holder has now pledged to reveal all this June.

Microsoft works very strong with third-party developers, so we’re hoping that we’re going to get some great titles from that,” Microsoft’s CFO for Entertainment and Devices Mindy Mont stated at a New York tech conference, according to IGN.

You’ll be able to see more news about that this summer at E3. We’ll show you the full lineup.”

Mont added that along with Microsoft’s first party software lineup, gamers should also expect extensive support from third party publishers.

We have very strong first and third-party developer support. Needless to say, we’re putting some of our best people on coming up with great game ideas for this, and we’re going to have some great stuff.

It’s part of the reason that we announced Natal as early as last summer so that we’d have time to get kits out and get the entire game developer community developing games for it.”

All we know for certain is that EA, Ubisoft and MTV are working on the device as we speak. Microsoft has pledged not to throw its stable of IP at the device without careful consideration, though a reappearance from Peter Molyneux’s Milo is expected.

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