Natal’s new name – Wave?

Following reports earlier this week that Microsoft has decided on the actual name that will adorn its Natal motion camera due out later this year, online rumours are claming to have ousted the final branding.

NowGamer reports that a source close to Microsoft” has confirmed that ‘Wave’ is the name and will be revealed next month at E3.

Much like Sony’s Move, in many ways Wave hits upon the key factors needed in a brand of this sort – it infers motion, it’s friendly and it’s easy to remember.

However, remember that Google recently releasing its own social networking tool called Wave, perhaps reducing the believability of the report.

Nonetheless, MCV understands that a number of key partners in the industry have been informed of Natal’s final name, so while the name Wave cannot in any way be confirmed, there’s a very high chance of the real name leaking out before E3.

UPDATE: As pointed out by MCV reader @strident on Twitter, Microsoft already uses the Wave brand as the name of a website that covers new technology. A case of crossed wires, perhaps?

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