Nearly half of all mobile game spend comes from just 0.19% of users

Here’s a number that will send chills through the minds of mobile game makers.

VentureBeat reports that new data from Swrve suggests that 48 per cent of all mobile games revenue comes from a tiny, tiny fraction of the user base – just 0.19 per cent.

If correct, it emphasis the absolutely essential need to make sure your app is the one winning over a very small number of key spenders.

Swrve also found that in February just 1.9 per cent of all mobile gamers paid for content. Of those, 64 per cent made just one purchase and only 6.5 per cent made five or more.

The average monthly spend per paying player is $24.33, up from $22 a year ago. That money is typically spread across 1.8 purchases. 2.5 per cent of all purchases are now over $50 in value – and these big buys account for 17 per cent of all mobile games revenue.

Keep selling after the install. It’s a mistake to believe that the user who installs has already been ‘sold’ on your game,” was the advice offered by Swrve’s VP of marketing Tom Farrell.

When there’s no purchase cost, that’s not necessarily the case, and you should take time during the initial experience to remind users why they downloaded and are playing your game.”

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