Nesbox emulator claims to be going live on Xbox One shortly

Xbox One owners may soon be able to play emulated versions of SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, GBA and NES games.

That’s if claims from the team behind the Nesbox emulator are correct. As spotted by Videogamer, Nesbox has said that its app has been certified in the Windows Store for Xbox One, and could be released on the console this weekend. It will be a free download, too.

Games could then be played if users upload ROMs to the console via USB. Nesbox even hopes to add OneDrive support in the future, making the process even easier.

The legalities of emulation are a grey area. Technically it’s possible to argue that it’s perfectly legal to own a ROM of a game that you already physically own. At the same time, a system designed to bypass content restrictions is certainly on shaky grounds.

And it goes without saying that anything which allows gamers to play games for free that content holders would otherwise like to sell to you is not hugely popular.

Will this ever happen? We’ll shortly find out, presumably.

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