New 3DS Pullbox game is free to download in Japan

It probably doesn’t qualify as free-to-play, but Nintendo is again tinkering with payment models, this time with the release of a new Pullblox game.

Siliconera reports that Pushmo: Hippaland can be downloaded on 3DS for free. For 500 (around 2.67) players can then grab another 100 levels. Three further 50 level packs cost 300 (1.60) each. Alternatively, 1,000 (5.34) can just grab you the whole lot from the off.

Nintendo is becoming increasingly affectionate toward variations of the free-to-play mode, which boss Satoru Iwata prefers to refer to as ‘free-to-start’.

3DS launch title Steel Diver was relaunched as a free-to-play game, and the company has subsequenrly gone on to release Pokemon Shuffle – and as another F2P Pokemon game on the way. Iwata has also said the F2P is being considered for the company’s upcoming mobile titles.

Pullblox, or Pushmo as it is known in Japan, debuted on 3DS in 2011. Sequel Fallblox was released in 2012 while a Wii U version called Pullblox world arrived digitally last year.

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