New 3DS sells 409k units in first three weeks in Japan

The latest iterations of Nintendo’s popular handheld console have been big sellers since they launched in Japan in October, according to data provided by Famitsu.

The New 3DS and New 3DS LL shipped 408,719 units since they launched in Japan on October 11th. Of that figure, 299,995 consoles were the New 3DS LL, while the New 3DS sold 108,724 units.

In its first three days on sale the consoles sold 230,000 units.

It shouldn’t be surprising then that the three best-selling games of the month were for the 3DS.

In October Monster Hunter 4G was the best selling title. It shipped 2m units during the month, and is still top of the charts three weeks after it was released. 1.2m of that was its first week on sale. Meanwhile the 3DS edition of Super Smash Bros sold just under 288,000 units, and Yokai Watch 2 sold 204,406 copies.

The top three remains unchanged from last week despite a few releases. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel debuted at No.5, while PSP title Gakuen K: Wonderful School Days makes it to seventh place in its first week.

Here’s the software Top Ten for the period between October 27th and November 1st:

1.Monster Hunter 4G (Capcom) 3DS – 89,364
2.Yokai Watch 2: Ganso/ Honke (Level 5) 3DS – 32,258
3.Super Smash Bros (Nintendo) 3DS – 30,153
4.Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu 2014 (Konami) PS3 – 21,645
5.The Evil Within (Bethesda) PS3 – 15,372
6.Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (2K Games) PS3 – 14,057 (New)
7.Gakuen K: Wonderful School Days (Idea Factory) PSP – 12,989 (New)
8.Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu 2014 (Konami) Vita – 11,462
9.Tales of the World: Reve Unitia (Bandai Namco) 3DS – 9,491
10.Onee Chanbara Z2:Chaos (D3) PS4 – 9,068 (New)

And here’s the hardware Top Ten:

1. New Nintendo 3DS LL 34,090
2. New Nintendo 3DS 14,482
3. PS Vita 10,315
4. Nintendo 3DS LL 10,028
5. PS4 8,014
6. Nintendo 3DS 4,476
7. PS3 4,645
8. Wii U 3,623
9. Xbox One 1,264
10. PS Vita TV 742
11. PSP 86

Monthly software sales:

1. Monster Hunter 4G (Capcom) 3DS – 2,026,454
2. Super Smash Bros (Nintendo) 3DS – 287,865
3. Yokai Watch 2: Ganso/ Honke (Level 5) 3DS – 204,406

Monthly hardware sales:

1. New 3DS LL 299,995
2. New 3DS 108,724

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