New age ratings here ‘this summer’

Games publishers are already manufacturing games boxes with PEGI’s ‘traffic light’ ratings on their cover – and hope to have the symbols on UK  boxes by the end of this summer.

All new games released in Europe will feature the colour-coded symbols, after the UK Government gave the green light to PEGI as the legal standard for games ratings as part of the Digital Britain report earlier this week.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, ISFE boss Simon Little called the decision – which removes the BBFC from having any say in games classification – the best result for UK gamers, games buyers and the industry”.

A PEGI advisory board meeting next week will pick over the finer details of the organisation’s next move. Once the champagne corks have popped, that is.

We are very happy with this result. The best system won in the end. PEGI was always designed from the outset for games. PEGI is able to react to the games industry – legislation and other systems just don’t move that fast.

We authorised publishers to start using the symbols as of last week – it obviously takes a while for them to work through the manufacturing system, but those new ratings will be seen in shops by the end of the summer.”

UK Government backing gives the ‘traffic lights’ further weight, said Little.

PEGI’s influence is always growing in Europe – child safety is an issue which we will never rest,” he added.

The decision by the Labour Government – which came after a year of consultation following the Byron Review’s publication – put to rest the debate that the industry is responsible about content and child safety.

I believe we’re already there with the new ‘traffic light’ symbols,” added EA UK boss Keith Ramsdale. The logos are all signed off and ready to go. EA is 100 per cent ready for an almost immediate transfer to the PEGI system.”

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