New bug discovery is another blow for Battlefield 4

Nearly six months after the game’s release, the discovery of a significant bug in Battlefield 4 has heaped more pressure on EA’s shooter.

PC Gamer reports that word is spreading about what is being referred to as the ‘death shield’ bug.

When a player is downed in Battlefield 4 there is a brief period of time in which they can be revived by team mates. During this time they are protected by an invisible shield. However, it now transpires that the reach of this shield is larger than it should be, meaning that any live players standing behind them are also protected.

It’s explained more clearly in the video below.

DICE’s QA lead Jaqub Ajmal has said on Twitter that the developer is investigating the issue.

Any singular bug in isolation is not a huge shock, but for a game like Battlefield 4 that has suffered so severely at the hands of persistent and ongoing technical problems it’s potentially a far larger problem.

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