New CEO at Cryptic Studios

Atari Europe has announced that former COO Jack Emmert has been appointed as the new CEO of developer Cryptic Studios.

Former Cryptic CEO John Needham has chosen to leave the company to pursue new games-related opportunities.

"It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Cryptic these past several years," Needham stated.

"It’s with a heavy heart that I now depart this company we’ve all worked so tirelessly to grow. We’ve done so very much together – two successful MMO launches, The Foundry and a successful free-to-play transition for Champions Online. I’m thankful for my time here and for all that we’ve accomplished."

Emmert added: "As a colleague, I am sad to see John go, but our vision remains clear. Cryptic continues to develop great gaming experiences while ensuring the success of its current projects, Champions Online: Free for All, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.

"I co-founded this company and am extremely proud of everything our teams have achieved. We will continue to set high goals for ourselves and under my leadership we will continue to meet them."

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