New Chinese consoles manages to rip off PS4, Xbox One and Ouya

Meet the Ouye, a crowdfunded Chinese console that takes more than a little inspiration from three existing machines.

The name, obviously, comes from the now defunct Ouya Android box. The console is clearly modelled on the PS4 (with a grill that looks like it was ripped directly off an Xbox One), while the controller is effectively an Xbox One pad with a few additional face buttons.

Kotaku reports that its makers claim that six months was spent tuning the unique design”.

Sadly, the innards take inspiration not from Sony or Microsoft’s machines, instead more closely resembling the Ouya – which is part of the reason why the unit will retail for just $70.

Ouye is already being crowdfunded on Chinese site, where it is hoping to raise around $700k. There will also be a Kickstarter campaign at some stage down the line that hopes to raise an additional $15k.

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