New cloud gaming firm materialises

Watch out OnLive and Gaikai – a new rival says it can be the dominant force in cloud gaming.

California-based Approxy believes it can better both thanks to its technology, which it claims can stream 1080p 3D stereoscopic games, protect publishers from hacks and save them money.

The service allows players to partially stream a game and play it, while the rest downloads and installs itself in the background. The company, whose parent is software streaming firm Numecent Inc, claimed rivals OnLive and Gaikai have fundamental shortcomings.”

Approxy’s COO Dr Bartu Ahiska told MCV: The industry is in urgent need of a new game distribution technology – for PCs and consoles – and Approxy is well positioned to dominate this new space with its white label strategy.

OnLive and Gaikai stream video from Cloud Edge servers. Yet these implementations have fundamental shortcomings. [We offer] instant playing, HD, no installation, no .dll conflicts, no exceeding ISP caps, no latency and no need to upgrade server architecture every two years.

A single off-the-shelf server can handle thousands of concurrent users, resulting in huge cost savings.”

Approxy’s beta white label ‘Virtual Console’ platform allows publishers to use a service suited to them.

This is urgently needed by major publishers like EA, Square Enix and Activision,” Ahiska added.

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