New esports-specific studio Foundry IV launches

The former head of esports at Beverly Hills talent agency WME:IMG has helped found a new development studio and media company that will exclusively concentrate on esports.

Tobias Sherman has established the company, which goes under the name of Foundry IV, with Simon Abitbol and Lilia Russo. Sherman was also one of the founders of Eleague back in 2015.

The company says it has three pillar concepts: Allowing professional sports organizations and investors to own not just the league franchise slots, but also the game and intellectual property; Creating an ‘esports first’ game from the outset, with input from existing pro-gamers, journalists, and industry professionals; Giving access to fans far earlier than traditional publishers so the community can play a critical role in the development of the game.

“We at Foundry IV are creating competitive titles from the ground up with esports being the primary focus in every aspect,” Sherman stated. “This is a true collective effort that provides owners the value they deserve, players gameplay they’ll love, and fans an exceptional viewing experience.”

Abitol added: "We are creating a game with esports being prioritized at the earliest DNA decisions, all while treating the community as a partner. Several publishers asked us to design an esports title for them, however, we decided that in the best interest of the industry, it was wise to protect our IP to ensure we could execute on our vision, the right way.

“That does not rule out working with a publisher though, it’s just that there is no value in being beholden to one."

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