New Fight Night announced

EA his lifted the lid on the fifth iteration of its popular boxing series with the announcement of Fight Night Champion, which is due to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 some time in 2011.

Details remain thin on the ground, but the publisher seems to be making most noise about some high-profile changes to the game’s single player experience.

Fight Night Champion will break the mould of what is expected in a single-player sports game,” the title’s gameplay producer Brian Hayes told IGN. Players will be introduced to an entirely new way to step between the ropes and experience the drama, emotion, excitement and tragedy of world championship boxing.

It’s something people won’t expect from an EA Sports game”.

The game is set to include in the region of 60-65 boxers and will boast the same detailed level of control seen in previous titles – no doubt with some extra bells and whistles. EA also says that FNC will be the most user-friendly title in the franchise’s history”.

Does that scream of Move and Kinect support to you? Or perhaps button-only support as well as the series’ traditional twin-stick control method?

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