New IP to be announced for PSP

Following on from

John Koller’s bold statements about an exciting E3 for PS3

, SCEE has told MCV that new IP will feature in the line-up.

SCEA’s director of hardware marketing John Koller said earlier that: At Destination Playstation we announced about half of the line up for the PSP this year, some fairly major, triple-A titles are coming for the back half of the year that are going to be announced in the coming months and at E3.”

And an SCEE spokesperson has added to MCV that we’ll be outlining the release of additional, new and existing IPs for the platform in the coming months”.

Some are already calling this July’s event as the PSP E3, and it’s certainly an exciting time for Sony’s battling machine, though whether a brand new machine (possibly without UMD drive and with touch screen) will or will not be debuted is still up for debate.

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