New Katamari game on the way?

Publisher Namco Bandai could be readying a new instalment in the colourful Katamari series, if two new trademark registrations are to be believed.

Siliconera reports that the company has registered both Katamari Amore and Katamari Amore Rolling Whopper.

The most recent release in the series was 2009 PS3-exclusive Katamari Forever. Other entries include Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360, 2007), Me & My Katamari (PSP, 2006), We Love Katamari (PS2, 2006) and debut title Katamari Damacy (PS2, 2004).

The series’ original creator, Keita Takahashi, has had no involvement since the 2006 PS2 outing.

In fact, the outspoken dev even went so far as to criticise his former employer, stating in 2010 that: "I make video games for the so-so company Namco Bandai Games. I am so inefficient I only made four games in 11 years."

In the same year he opened a new studio called Uvula.

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