New MCV site, new comments system

We want to be a vibrant forum for constructive industry debate and as such we’ve made some significant changes to the way our article comments system works.

Why? Because unfortunately a small minority of people abused the privilege that came with the anonymous posting opportunity our old site gave to users, spoiling the experience for everyone else.

So, from now on you need to be fully registered with us in order to post an article comment. What’s more, any comment you make will be attributed to your real name for maximum transparency and accountability.

We hope the changes will encourage more thoughtful engagement between readers and in turn with our team of writers.

If you’re a new user, click here to create an account with MCV and start contributing on our comments boards.

If you had an account on the old MCV site, click here to log in using the same details – depending on how complete your account info was on our old site we may ask you for a little more information to complete your profile fully before you can comment.

Or, if you had an account on the old MCV site but can’t remember your login details, click here to have a reminder sent to you.

Of course, there will always be some people who try and beat the system with fake names, etc. But we’ll find those users and honest, upstanding MCV readers will help us root them out too.

We have also put together the following Commenting Guidelines, which we hope will establish healthy ground rules and ensure our moderation process is transparent should we ever need to remove a post.

Please read the guidelines carefully before posting a comment:

Think Before You Post: We want to encourage intelligent conversations and debate on Also, please keep conversations relevant – we may remove off-topic discussions to keep threads on track.

Personal Attacks: These will not be tolerated, whether directed at fellow site users, MCV staff or any other individual. Anyone engaging in such behavior will be warned and, if necessary, banned from using the site.

Language & Threats: Please respect other people’s viewpoints and beliefs. We will remove any content that is offensive or threatening. Anyone engaging in such behavior will be warned and, if necessary, banned from using the site.

Hate Speech: Racist, sexist and homophobic content will not be tolerated. Users engaging in such behavior will be banned from the site and, if necessary, reported to the relevant authorities.

Zero Spam Zone: Any obvious spam or posts that are clearly ads for products or services will be removed.

Help us: We monitor Comments activity on the MCV website as much as humanly possible. Sometimes we can miss things, however. If you spot something you feel is inappropriate, please notify us and we’ll take appropriate action.

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