New PSP incoming, analyst predicts

Have you recovered from the shock announcement of Nintendo’s 3DS this morning? Good, because one analyst believes that we should be preparing for the announcement of a further two new consoles in the near future.

Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian predicts that Sony will this spring announce a true successor to the PSP. In addition, he foresees the announcement of a proper successor to the Wii before the year is out.

While 3D games remain on the drawing board and not yet on store shelves, the emergence of new 3D game platforms could breathe more life into the hardware market,” he stated in a report.

Along with the launch later this year of new motion sensing controllers for the PS3 and Xbox, there are several multiple growth drivers for the industry over the coming one-to-two years with new physical products.

We expect Sony to announce a new PSP handheld device this spring, and Nintendo is likely to announce an updated console in the coming year, which could also help to reinvigorate the market.”

Don’t forget, either, that many would have you believe that a redesigned Xbox 360 Slim, most likely integrating Natal, will also hit retail this Q4.

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