New research claims PS4 in pole position for next-gen

A new report states that PS4 is narrowly ahead of Xbox One as the new consoles hit shelves.

Research firm Populus has surveyed 1,500 people adults for its survey, and reveals that 10 per cent of UK adults plan to buy an Xbox One versus 13 per cent for PS4.

In the US it is a similar gap, 13 per cent of adults plan to acquire an Xbox One versus 17 per cent for PS4.

In France, eight per cent plan to buy Xbox One and ten per cent for PS4.

What is most interesting is the percentage of current console gamers who intend to buy one of the new consoles.

Out of those who currently own an Xbox 360 in the UK, 37 per cent plan to buy an Xbox One. Meanwhile 23 per cent of current PS3 owners plan to defect to Xbox One.

As for PS4, 27 per cent of current Xbox 360 owners plan to jump ship, while 53 per cent of PS3 owners plan to stick with PlayStation.

That’s the most fascinating statistic, because it suggests that PlayStation is doing a slightly better job of retaining its customers in the transition to next-gen.

It’s a similar trend in the US and France as well.

However, there is a proportion of gamers that plan to buy both consoles. In fact, half of the people who said they were interested in next-gen expressed a desire to own a PS4 and Xbox One.

This is one of many surveys and research conducted ahead of the Xbox One and PS4 head-to-head this Christmas.

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